WINNING: GDP at 3% | 3 months after ‘The Hill’ reports 3% target is Foolish


The Hill has their foot in their mouth once again as Trump checks off another accomplishment.

The Hill recently ran an article 5/26/17 “Why is Trump’s 3-percent growth target pure folly? Because math.” where they outlined why achieving 3% growth was foolish:

Some have chastised us as pessimistic not to believe we can get to at least 3-percent growth. -The Hill

But it’s not about optimism or pessimism, it’s about math. -The Hill

Three percent does not sound like a huge number. It does not seem like the outcome of massive exaggeration. But the assumption in the president’s budget that economic growth will reach and remain at 3 percent has led to an outcry from many experts — including us — that the administration is guilty of wishful thinking and fuzzy math. -The Hill

Now, I’ll give them a little credit, part of their argument was that it wouldn’t ‘remain at 3 percent’. BUT…

3 months later…

It still doesn’t take away from the irony that just 3 months later they have to run this beauty: “Trump touts 3 percent economic growth, takes shot at Obama” on 8/30/17.

Where they also tried to pin the first quarter’s growth on President Trump. Even though the first quarter more accurately reflected Obama’s policies because Trump had just taken office.

a meager first quarter, where the economy only grew at an annualized rate of 1.2 percent.

I’m sure it pains the media to have to report all this Winning.

But I’ll never get tired of winning. Will you?

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