Why is the media so surprised that General Kelly is a Trump supporter?


After White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly emerged to defend his President from that stupid condolence call “controversy,” reports came to light showing that, in the words of The New York Times: “For all of the talk of Mr. Kelly as a moderating force and the so-called grown-up in the room, it turns out that he harbors strong feelings on patriotism, national security and immigration that mirror the hard-line views of his outspoken boss.

Shocker, right?

After committing the media’s number 1 capital offense – defending the President, reports came out that Kelly said that, if it were up to him, the United States would set refugee caps between 0 and 1, and that he pressured acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke to terminate protections for tens of thousands of Honduran immigrants. The President’s chief of staff believing in the President’s agenda is apparently news-worthy, as the media ran with headlines like:

The Washington Post: “Kelly was brought to the White House to impose order. Now he’s stirring controversy.

AP: “The real John Kelly slowly revealing himself at White House

And perhaps most telling, The New York Times: “Pitched as Calming Force, John Kelly Instead Mirrors Boss’s Priorities

So why is it so shocking?

Unfortunately, the answer is not that complicated. The sad fact is that the media believes that anyone who supports Donald Trump must be dumb and/or insane and/or a politician. They really cannot fathom why a normal person would be supportive of him and his beliefs.

Liberals do not disagree with Trump; they don’t understand him, and don’t respect him or his supporters enough to try. And how can you disagree with someone when you don’t even understand what they are saying? Until liberals make an effort to understand conservatives’ concerns, and not dismiss them as crazy or racist, the ugliness and division in our country will get worse.


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One Comment on “Why is the media so surprised that General Kelly is a Trump supporter?”

  1. They have no desire to understand. They actually do understand and DISAGREE. They wish to DISMANTLE. This is why the divisions are soooo obvious now and they are getting more aggressive and sloppy and have begun to ‘eat their own’ vis a vis the whole Harvey Weinstein et al debacle.

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