What Makes Halloween Scary? Liberals.


If you Google search, “Cultural appropriation Halloween” – this is what comes up:

  • Cultural Appropriation Racist Halloween Costume Guide
  • Is it OK for a white kid to dress up as Moana for Halloween?
  • Halloween Costumes and Cultural Appropriation
  • My Culture Is Not A Costume
  • The Scariest Part of Halloween is Cultural Appropriation
  • From what I’ve gathered, this is the argument of cultural appropriation:

    Cultural appropriation is supposedly, “taking elements of someone else’s culture without permission”. However, the other definition is, “If it’s something that [you] have the privilege to wear safely, where others would be persecuted if they wore it, do not wear it.”

    Basically, libs feel that minorities deal with so much “oppression” daily, such as discrimination, hostility, structural violence and exploitation, etc., that it is just “common sense” to not subject minorities to seeing their culture reduced down to one aspect. For example, a sombrero or a headdress.


    One article stated:

    “You can be whoever you want for a day, but with what ramifications?” says Dr. Akbari. “Who suffers at the hand of your public display of dress-up?” Can you imagine being Mexican, hearing Donald Trump call all Mexicans rapists, and then seeing guys partying in sombreros on Halloween? 

    Let’s get real here. Nobody SUFFERS if I dress up like Princess Jasmine for Halloween. Donald Trump never called all Mexicans rapists, and nobody is really offended if you party in a sombrero.

    There’s also supposedly a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural APPRECIATION, however I cannot find ANY SORT of definitive line between the two.

    Are the rules different for children? Apparently not. “It’s never too early to start teaching your child to say please and thank you, so it’s never too early to teach your child to be respectful in other ways.”

    There’s another article titled “Cultural Appropriation on Halloween Explained” by the Rocky Mountain Collegian. In it, they say:

    Diversity counselor Kelly pointed out that costumes like “sexy Indian” perpetuate harmful stereotypes of Native American women, notably because they are the most likely group to suffer sexual assault. “If you can’t think of anything to dress up as then wear a unicorn onesie,” Verma said. “Because everyone at CSU is a unicorn and a wonderful person.”

    Well, that’s problematic.

    My question is WHERE DOES THIS END? Is food where we draw the line? Little girls that want to dress as Moana can do so, but if the little girl’s boy best friend wants to go as Maui, he’s not allowed to draw tribal marks on his arm and wear a long black curly wig?

    It seems like white people can really go to town on this cultural appropriation B.S. Are you black? Guess you’re not allowed to dress like Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Batman, etc. If you’re hispanic you’re basically out of luck unless you want to go as a Lucha Libre, a matador, Elena, or a few other choice characters. However, this isn’t how cultural appropriation “works”. It’s basically only in existence to punish white people for being white.

    Cultural appropriation apparently only applies to the “majority” taking something from a minority.

    Again, where does it end? Am I allowed to say that sushi and tacos are my favorite foods? Or am I appropriating Japanese and Mexican culture? Am I allowed to be mad at all the girls doing cat-eye makeup because I’m part Egyptian and they’re appropriating my culture? Am I allowed to be mad at all the people eating pizza and pasta because I’m part Italian and they’re appropriating my culture? Could I be angry at all the actors that have ever made movies relating to King Arthur Pendragon because they’re benefitting from my surname?

    Again, where does it end if EVERYONE can be offended over ANYTHING? Decide to play it safe and dress as a ghost, demon, or skeleton? You COULD BE offending ghosts, demons, and the dead. Imagine all the people that have buried someone that has SINCE decomposed into a skeleton that you’re going to be triggering by dressing as a skeleton!

    Do you want to dress as a bloody shark? Imagine all the shark attack victims you could be upsetting. Think about all the GOOD sharks that you’re demonizing!

    Want to dress as Pennywise? Imagine all the NICE and SILLY clowns that you’re making out to be murderers! Imagine all of the people that were scarred by the movie IT that you may bring memories back to!

    Want to dress as a soldier? Imagine all the veterans that ACTUALLY risked their lives for this country, and you have the guts to glorify war? Something they lost friends, brothers, family in?

    Obviously, I don’t give a fuck what you dress as. My point is, in an age where anyone can be offended if you even dare to BREATHE, where does all this crap end? Can we still eat pasta, sushi, tacos, and Thai food? Can we still wear boots with fringe on them? Can we wear jeans or are we appropriating the gold rush? Can we wear plaid, or are we appropriating farmers and their way of life?

    Does it extend to other holidays and not just Halloween? How about Thanksgiving – and all the memories it holds for this country? (But that’s not gonna stop the libs from eating – that I can tell you). Does it extend to Christmas? What if someone’s not Christian, but they celebrate by giving presents in the name of Christmas? Are they appropriating Christian culture and holidays? What if someone’s not Jewish but they decide to decorate with silver and blue this holiday? Are they appropriating Jewish culture? What if someone decides to thank Allah for their blessings if they’re not Muslim, are they appropriating Muslim culture?

    Again, I don’t really give a fuck WHAT or HOW you celebrate. My point is – GROW UP. Stop acting like every little fucking thing offends you when there are REAL THINGS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT. There’s Kim Jong Un having nuclear weapons, Russia having 20% of our Uranium thanks to Killary, there’s homosexuals being thrown off buildings in the Middle East, there’s women being oppressed EVERYWHERE by Islam, and there are children that don’t have food and water in AMERICA and in every other country in the world! Cultural appropriation is the DEFINITION of “First World Problems” – if you’ve ever claimed anything is cultural appropriation, be thankful that you even have the right to SAY THOSE WORDS, let alone the right to practice and embrace your culture.


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    1. Where was the outrage when Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson made national news and appeared on as many video bites she could muster. After all…
      It was obvious she culturally appropriated white girl’s hair.
      Yeah, us sane, real Americans are concerned with real issues

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