Trump’s Long Game to Drain the Swamp


President Donald Trump is highly intelligent and extremely calculated. That sentence alone will ‘trigger’ some people enough to stop reading this article because they have been conditioned to refute it. Underestimating his intelligence is just one of the many major mistakes his opponents make that will ultimately lead to their downfall.

Leading people to believe that you are simple minded is a troll in itself but Trump is one of the greatest trolls of all time. Trump likes to play the long game as he masterfully keeps people off their game while inciting responses and reactions that steer a particular narrative until the final revelation is revealed.

This is just a theory so don’t get all excited and bent out of shape like it’s some kind of Fake News.

Donald Trump came ‘Prepared’ to Drain the Swamp

Do you think ‘Make America Great Again’ is something that Trump just hatched up as he was gliding down the escalator?

Most people don’t know this but Donald Trump actually came up with his MAGA slogan the day after Mitt Romney lost the election to Obama on November 7th 2012. So at least we know from that moment and more than likely sooner, he had been seriously preparing for his presidential run.

Do you think Donald Trump prepared to run for President by printing off bumper stickers or meeting with high level Military Intelligence officers like Mike Flynn?

Regardless of what you think you know about Mike Flynn, he was the Assistant Director of National Intelligence, the Director of Defense Intelligence, Commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and the Chair of the Military Intelligence Board under President Obama. These aren’t just fancy titles. Military Intelligence (MI) is literally the Pentagon’s version of the CIA.

When Obama fired Mike Flynn for actually wanting to defeat ISIS, that made him one of the most dangerous men in America for the Obamas and the Clintons. Mike knows all of their secrets, including the details behind Uranium One among other things.

Donald Trump was briefed on every single detail about the Uranium One deal, including the bribery, well before he officially announced he was running for President.

There were several patriots who knew about it but couldn’t do anything about because it involved so many high level people and agencies. Someone from Military Intelligence, similar to Mike Flynn, sat Trump down and laid out which agencies were compromised, who was involved, how much money they got and how deep the rabbit hole went.

Now imagine that you are Donald Trump and you’re running against one of the most corrupt candidates from one of the most corrupt administrations in history. You know that several high level officials in the Obama administration personally made millions of dollars from bribes when they sold off 20% of America’s uranium to Russia and then covered it up. What do you do? How do you expose what the Government has become and Make America Great Again? How do you get them to hang themselves and Drain the Swamp?

Phase One: The Long Game

Donald Trump and his team of advisers came up with the perfect plan, similar to an intelligence operation.

It may be hard for some of you to remember but this was way before anyone was ever accusing anyone ‘Russian Collusion’ even though this was precisely what Trump wanted in the end.

The first phase began with Trump planting seeds like ‘I think it’s a good thing if we have great relationships with Russia’. Trump often went out of his way to basically say, under his administration we would get along with Russia.

Why did Trump continuously brag about these ‘great deals’ he was going to make with Putin? None of them greater than that Uranium deal I’m sure.

Trump was trolling all of the people who took millions in Russian bribes to sell out our national security and then got them to attack him for it.

Hillary, Obama, Holder and Lynch all commented on Trump’s remarks saying things like ‘Russia is not our Ally’.

Trump was attacked for hypothetically making deals and having a better relationship with Russia by the same people who literally sold a permanent 20% of our Uranium. Not just what we had on hand at the moment but 20% of the actual mining capacity for Uranium while lining their pockets with millions of dollars.

Everything you’ve seen about Uranium One in the news Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions has known about this entire time. Part of the intelligence operation that Trump and his team are conducting includes keeping your enemy in the dark about what you know.

You can’t just show up on day one and announce that you are investigating Uranium One and risk tipping everyone off about what’s going on. They needed time to do a deep dive into Uranium One without anyone knowing.

The investigation is far enough along now that there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop it. The domino has been tipped and the force behind this chain reaction is too great.

They pretend like they are just becoming aware of things as they are revealed because investigating something of this magnitude requires tact and as you can see a great deal has gone into the planning of this event.

Phase Two: The Russia Investigation

Now that the ball is rolling President Trump needed to convince everyone that he and his team are the ones being investigated.

So Trump created a controversy and asks Comey to back off of Mike Flynn and then fires Comey, who then leaks memos to the New York Times and then demands the appointment of a Special Counsel.

Since President Trump bragged so much about these ‘Russian Deals’ he was going to make with Putin and one of his advisers talked to a Russian ambassador, everybody agrees to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate “Russian Interference” in our election.

AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the Russia Investigation even though he already knows exactly what is going on.

Deputy AG Rosenstein then appoints Bob Mueller to investigate Russian Interference in the 2016 election.

Rosenstein & Mueller both know that Trump & Session know every detail about Uranium One. Nobody is in the dark about what is going on and they all knew about it from the beginning.

The only people in the dark here are the traitors who participated in the Uranium One scandal, the DNC, the Media and the Democrats who think Trump is about to be taken down.

The reality is, Mueller and his team have been investigating Uranium One, Fusion GPS and the Russian Dossier this entire time.

Phase Three: Law and Order

Mueller and his team have found Russian Interference in the 2016 election:

  • He found a Russian bribery scheme that involves one of the candidates that compromised National Security.
  • He also found that this same candidate illegally funded the solicitation of information (Russian Dossier) from the Russian Government.
  • Then this candidate illegally tried to hide the evidence of the funding using a law firm.
  • When all of the indictments are unsealed everyone is going to witness something they’ve always thought was impossible. Dozens of arrests will be made and most of the names you will know.

    The Media didn’t have a chance to spin the narrative because they were looking the wrong direction.

    Once the dust settles Sessions recusal will be over and Justice will be swift.


    One Comment on “Trump’s Long Game to Drain the Swamp”

    1. You are correct that President Trump is intelligent. It has been noted on more than a few websites, his IQ is 160. H. Clinton has been listed at 150 or so. I guess take it for what it’s worth.
      You’re kinda doing what they do. Make square pegs fit into round holes. The only similarities is that they are shapes.

      I have hopes Mueller will do the right thing. Like Manafort, the investigation is obligated to bring light to wrong doings they find during their investigation. Whether or not related to original purpose.
      The right thing would be to bring charges against any and all players involved in questionable practises, that have undoubtedly been found as they dig through everything Russia. Not sure he is capable, especially since he himself may be wrong in assisting in covering it up while director of the FBI
      Besides the council is stinking with Anti-Trump players. There is no way the lid could be held tight against leaks with so many Clinton.Obama apologists.

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