Trumps greatest accomplishment that nobody talks about


The American people have spoken


Before I tell you what Trumps greatest accomplishment is, let’s talk about why Americans voted for Trump to begin with. For some it was to end the open borders policy that threatened the American way of life. They wanted to end the flow of illegal immigration that had been encouraged and rewarded by the Establishment.

For others it was to end the self destructive path Obama’s trade policies had us on. Some simply wanted a more ‘common sense’ approach to dealing with radical islam and the blatant hate their ideology is propagating throughout the world.

Finally there was the gross overreach of Obamacare. Which ended up being a tax on the middle class and increased the cost of health insurance to an unaffordable rate. It doesn’t matter if everyone in America is “insured” if they have to pay $15,000 to $20,000 before anything gets covered. Not only that, if you don’t have insurance most Doctors will actually give you a better cash rate compared to someone that is insured. It’s a dirty little secret that if you are insured, the Doctor will submit a claim for inflated services to the insurer and whatever they don’t pay they’ll hold the patient accountable for.

While reversing these failed policies are all great, there is one accomplishment that Trump has already done that is the greatest of them all.

Trumps greatest accomplishment


In all seriousness. President Trump could literally sit in office, do absolutely nothing at all for the rest of his term and will have saved America from one of the most corrupt administrations in history. Trump’s greatest accomplishment is keeping Hillary Clinton from becoming President of the United States.

This achievement has an immeasurable impact on the future of America. She has played by a different set of rules her entire life without being held accountable. In a very methodical manner she meticulously destroyed servers, files and phones that were court ordered to be preserved. While she was Secretary of State she accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments and entities for favors run out of the State Department.

Hillary Clinton was literally selling our Nation to the highest bidder. The list of Hillary Clinton’s corruption is vast and well documented, unlike her immigration policy. In spite of her attempt to bleach bit and erase away her crimes, she can’t erase the Patriots who kept her from being elected to the highest office in the land.

I’ll always be eternally grateful to President Trump and his family for their sacrifice. We dodged a bullet.

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