Trumplicans are NOT Republicans


Trumplicans are not Republicans

Trumplicans didn’t abandon the Republican party, the Republican party abandoned their base. They refused to accept the fact that electing Donald Trump was just a part of a much larger movement. Trumplicans are loyal to the agenda Trump ran on and as long as he is fighting for that agenda they will be loyal to him as well.

People had high hopes that once Donald Trump was sworn in, the Republicans would fall in line and utilize this opportunity to implement our agenda. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. They’ve chosen a side and that side is the Establishment Swamp.

Republicans ignored their base and turned a deaf ear to their outrage. Their plan at this point appears to be the waiting game. They want to wait out the Presidency of Donald Trump while making it as difficult as possible for him to succeed. The Republicans figure if they can keep him from implementing our agenda then we will blame him for their failure.

This tactic is glaringly, disgustingly obvious by the lack of effort and weak leadership in the House and the Senate. It looks like McConnell and Paul Ryan are playing some form of ‘good cop bad cop’.

The House is passing bills just so Paul Ryan can say, ‘See, We did our job’. Then McConnell makes sure nothing gets passed in the Senate, so nothing is actually getting passed at all. There have been calls for Mitch McConnell to retire. If he plans on doing that it makes sense for him to take the blame while letting Paul Ryan off the hook. Afterwards they all plan to emerge from their swamp bunker and pretend like they didn’t just shaft the American people and achieving their goal of stifling Trump.

In the end the Trumplicans will prevail. It’s just a matter of time until we completely drain the swamp. The important thing is that we’ve taken the first steps necessary for it to happen. Everything that Trump accomplishes is just taking us one step closer. Regardless of what the media tells you about his approval rating, his support is growing stronger by the hour.



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