Trump Women are HOTTER than Liberal Women?


Trump Women embody the characteristics of the classic American girl. Patriotic and Free.

The answer is: Trump women are definitely hotter than liberal women and it’s not even close.

Not only are right wing females more attractive physically, they are more likely to be happy, vibrant and outgoing.

The American Flag has become synonymous with Donald Trump


Whenever you see the American Flag you immediately think of Donald Trump.

That is because he has become the Defender of Patriotism and American culture.

No one can dispute the fact that President Trump has revived the American spirit.

We are no longer the Nation of blame and apology. We are the Nation of Freedom, Power and Strength.

It is precisely for those reasons the alt left, the mainstream media and the establishment are doing everything in their power to stop the MAGA Agenda.

They spread misinformation designed to distort President Trump’s values and silence his supporters.

Unfortunately for them they are failing to realize a few important things:

  • Real Americans in “Fly-over Country” are raised to be proud to be Americans.
  • Patriots love their Country and they love their Flag.
  • They also love a President that shares their values and represents a Strong America.
  • This is why we voted to Make America Great Again.

    ‘Anti America’ has become synonymous with the Democrat Party

    The left has spent so much time assaulting President Trump and America it’s become their platform for 2018-2020.

    Embracing an ‘Anti America’ groups, policies and ideologies is a losing proposition for the Democrats.

    It’s gotten so bad the Left wing are even working to BAN the American Flag. Mostly from schools:

  • American Flag banned in South Carolina school
  • American Flag banned in Michigan school
  • American Flag banned in New Hampshire school
  • American Flag banned in California school
  • American Flag banned in Colorado school
  • American Flag banned in Arlington Cemetary

    While it brings me joy to see the Democrat party in shambles, it’s also sad to watch.

    It’s also the reason why they are losing elections and losing support.

    Why are attractive females flocking to the Republican party?

    It definitely isn’t to win any popularity contests.

    The one thing the alt media has been effective at doing is making Trump supporter’s lives a living hell.

    Despite all of that, There is actually a logical explanation as to why Trump women are hotter than liberals.

    Like it or not, attractive women are more likely to have conservative values because they don’t mind competing in a free market system.

    Whereas less attractive women are drawn to socialist and feminist ideologies. Both of which promises some sort of quasi ‘equality’ by force.

    Needless to say, you won’t find many happy Patriotic females on the left.

    Their entire ideology is built around tearing down people around them and casting blame whenever possible directed at their fictional boogie man, the ‘white male’.

    Trump Women are on the Rise

    Media Fatigue
    – The ‘Trump Demonizing’ culture the media has created is starting to wear off. More and more people are becoming woke to the fact all of their outrage is fabricated. Therefore you are starting to see previously silent supporters become vocal.
    Real America is NOT Anti American
    – The liberals have hitched their bandwagon to ANTIFA, Feminism, Socialism and Globalism. The fact of the matter is people aren’t buying into all of this anti American sentiment.
    They had enough of it under the Obama administration with his apology tours.

    Donald Trump has sparked America’s Revival. A Patriotic Revolution.

    -Audra LaRay
    Donald Trump’s election victory was an easy choice for many of us.

    It was a choice between America or No America.

    We are about 10 months into his Presidency and the Trump movement is only getting stronger.

    The majority of his supporters are ‘Trump or Bust’.

    The Republican party is no longer the Republican party.

    It’s the Trumplican Party.

    I predict that the Establishment GOP will feel the wrath of America at election time.

    We don’t blame Trump for Congress’s failure. We blame Congress for failing Trump.

    Help us preserve Donald Trump’s Legacy. Submit Trump News that highlights the MAGA Agenda and his Accomplishments.

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    1. YESS! I love the use of my photos! Thanks so much for choosing ME as the cover girl for “attractive Trump women” and the “classic American Girl”! ❤️❤️

        1. Your infantile response is indicative of either an undeveloped feeble mind or possibly an indication of mental illness. Please seek professional medical help to assist you in overcoming a deplorable defect in your mental male-up. There is also the possibility of an underlying physical ailment so early detection is critical in obtaining treatment to cure the ailment. Good luck!!!

          1. Thanks I’ll look into that. Wait… I’m not the one supporting a man who is systematically trying to dismantle our first amendment rights. BTW, I’ll take that orange oranagutan up on his IQ test challenge — I’m sure my PhD from an IVY “trumps” his masters. See what I did there? (;

      1. You should be proud, young Lady. Your appearance is mesmerizing and fits well the message being conveyed in the post. Thank you for sharing your visual essence and making the article enjoyable to read.

    2. This ridiculous drivel is the reason your boy is so unpopular. 32% approval rating makes GW Bush look like JFK. Get your head out of your narcissistic ass and grow up. Donnie…. we’re coming for you.

    3. Dear 32% of America…. wake up!! The other 2/3 of the country is wise to the scam. But then again it’s easier to fool a person than convince a person that they’ve been fooled.

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