Trump Fights for ‘America First’ as 4th Round of NAFTA Negotiations End


President Trump literally wrote the book on the Art of the Deal but Mexico and Canada aren’t showing any signs of giving up their ‘Unfair Advantage’ as the fourth round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations ended on Tuesday.

Ministers from Mexico and Canada said the United States proposals they put forth last week are over their countries own ‘red lines’. However, they both agreed to stay at the negotiating table and keep the talks going until the end of March.

Both Countries know that President Trump isn’t bluffing when he says he will end NAFTA if they cannot agree on a better deal. Look no further than when Trump ended the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Trump announced his pick of Lighthizer for the post on January 3rd but the vote was delayed. The Senate finally approved Robert E. Lighthizer as the U.S. Trade Representative after drawing out the process out of spite. Delaying the nominations process only hurts the American people, not President Trump. Lighthizer served as a deputy trade representative in the Reagan administration and said during the confirmation hearing that he agrees with Donald Trump’s “America First” policy.

Lighthizer had a heated discussion with his counterparts at the briefing Tuesday afternoon. He said he was “disappointed” and that they were “reluctant to give up their unfair advantages”.

Some of the proposals that Lighthizer is trying to change will greatly help the United States and allow us to remain in NAFTA. He introduced the ‘Sunset Clause’ which would require the 3 countries to renew the NAFTA agreement every five years. He also laid out limits on how much the United States would receive from Canada and Mexico while increasing U.S. exports to each country.

Lighthizer said: “it is unreasonable to expect that the United States will continue to encourage and guarantee U.S. companies to invest in Mexico and Canada primarily for export to the United States…We have seen no indication that our partners are willing to make any changes that will result in a rebalancing and a reduction in these huge trade deficits…Now I understand that, after many years of one-sided benefits, their companies have become reliant on special preferences and not just comparative advantage.”

Whether or not the United States remains in NAFTA is yet to be seen. Either way, President Trump is continuing to fight for our America First agenda. Trump’s supporters have full confidence in him no matter which way the negotiations end up.


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  1. “President Trump literally wrote the book on the Art of the Deal ..” Sorry but Trump literally had a ghost writer write that book for him.

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