Russia Interference BTFO | “The Hill” Pleads to The Kremlin in Bizarre interview


Russia Interference Witch Hunt

Brent Budowsky, a columnist for The Hill, went on RT today and completely embarrassed himself. He repeated himself 6 times and could not answer basic questions. He seemed fixated on pleading directly to the Russian Government but couldn’t explain himself.

“The only thing I’m hearing as far as interference is Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and Twitter actually colluding with and working with the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign by and through Mr Podesta.”@LionelMedia

“Just one bit of evidence, I beg you?”

Watch the exchange:

Where is the Russian interference Proof?

It turns out that the only Russia interference proof anybody can find is that Russia ran a few ads on Facebook and Twitter. How is that a crime? It isn’t.

If you want to see real government interference in an election look no further than Obama. He literally went on the world stage just before the Brexit vote and tried to sway the people of London to stay in the European Union.

How do Anti Fracking and Black Live Matter Ads help Donald Trump? The answer is, they don’t.

Donald Trump is right again. This is just another excuse, added to the long list of excuses as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election. It is absolutely a witch hunt and the American people are getting sick of hearing about it.

The only one that really deserves to be investigated is Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation.


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