Restrictions Lifted – Organized Crime Task Force to target MS-13 Gang


  • $100 Million dollars will fund extra police officers.
  • $5 Million dollars will be spent on special training focused on active shooter incidents.
  • $200 Thousand dollars will go toward community outreach to improve relations between officers and the community.

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressed the International Association of Chiefs of police conference in Philadelphia today.

    Sessions announced that he has designated the MS-13 gang as a priority for the organized crime task force.

    He went on to say that their mission is to go after gangs and drug traffickers at the highest level.

    Jeff Sessions announcement gives the organized crime task force the ability to target MS-13 directly for any crimes they are involved in.

    This is significant because before now, this task force was only able to get involved in cases that involved money laundering or drug trade.

    Donald Trump and AG Jeff Sessions have targeted MS-13 specifically because of their high involvement in human trafficking and bringing drugs across the border.

    “Drugs are killing more Americans than ever before in large part thanks to powerful cartels and international gangs and deadly new synthetic opioids like fentanyl”Jeff Sessions

    This announcement comes just after the Department of Justice announced the first ever indictments against Chinese manufacturers of Fentanyl.

    All of these actions are steps towards a bigger goal of President Trump’s administration to combat this opioid epidemic. Our First Lady Melania Trump has also taken an active role by speaking with people directly effected by this crisis.

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