Refugee Admissions down 70% - More Christians entering than Muslims, a Reversal from the Obama Admin.

FY 2018 capped to 45,000 - Lowest level since 1980



The State Department data shows that President Trump slashed the incoming refugees entering the United States by an astonishing 70%, keeping his promise to the American People.

These numbers sound dramatic but it even with the reduction, the U.S. resettles more refugees than any other Country in the World.

President Trump is simply restoring sanity to the out of control Obama era refugee program that made our Country less safe.

The United States new approach is to host refugees "as close to their home countries as possible" so that they may return home.

Only 5,000 refugees have been admitted in the first quarter of FY 2018. If the trend continues, it will bring us below the cap of 45,000 that Trump has set for the year.

Under the Trump administration, the majority of refugees admitted are Christians while under the Obama administration the majority who entered identified themselves as Muslim.

Overall, if you look at the reduction of refugees, the travel ban and the extreme vetting measures; I'd say President Trump has successfully accomplished overhauling the refugee program and now it's time for welfare reform

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