Obama’s Legacy – The Most Corrupt Administration in History


As new investigations emerge, it’s hard to imagine the Obama administration being remembered for anything other than the most corrupt in history. One of the main people President Obama can thank for that is Hillary Clinton.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of blame to pass around. But all roads lead back to ‘covering up’ for Hillary Clinton, the anointed successor of Barrack Obama.

You have to remember, in the Democrat’s mind leading up to the Presidential election, there was absolutely no way Hillary Clinton was going to lose. This is important because you have to understand that in order to rationalize ‘how they thought they could get away’ with all of this corruption that is coming to light.

Democrats and Republicans have turned a blind eye to the millions of dollars Hillary Clinton has siphoned into her slush fund, the Clinton Foundation, during her political career for far too long.

Hillary Clinton now has 2 ties to Russia that can’t be ignored.

1. The Uranium One Deal: The FBI informant that recently had his gag order removed is about to testify, with evidence (recordings, emails and documents), to all of the kickbacks, bribery and money laundering that took place during the sale of 20% of the United States Uranium to Russia.

All of which was ALREADY REVEALED to the FBI before the deal took place and the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton still approved the deal. The same FBI that Mueller was in charge of during this time and that Rod Rosenstein found no problem with during an investigation back then.

The same deal that Hillary Clinton received over $140 Million dollars in donations from Uranium One employees to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton received $500 thousand dollar speaking fees from Russia.

2. The Fake ‘Russian Dossier’: It’s been revealed that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS to create this dossier.
Fusion GPS got the information from:
a British Spy, Christopher Steele, who paid a —>’middle man’ who then paid —>’high level Russian Officials’ for the information contained in the dossier.

This fake Russian dossier was then used by the Obama administration’s CIA and the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to wiretap members of the Trump administration and was used as the basis to appoint a special counsel to investigate ‘Trump Russia Collusion’.

The entire ‘Trump Russia’ hoax was designed to remove President Trump from office, delegitimatize his Presidency, undermine the will of the American people and the election process.

Obama supported Hillary for one reason and one reason only… to preserve his ‘legacy’. And by legacy I mean the continued downfall of American culture, American values and American pride.

Putting aside my personal differences with Obama’s policies and my political affiliation, the sheer amount of corruption that is being revealed is stunning.

Why did Hillary pick the Russians as her scapegoat when her ties with Russia are so extensive?

Did she think the propaganda media’s power was strong enough to cast a political death blow to Trump before her connections were exposed?

Did she preemptively choose Russia in order to ‘muddy the waters’ in the event Trump would have her Uranium deal investigated?

The other thing that has my attention is how quiet the Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department has been about all of these investigations. The American people, high level government officials and even media organizations are calling for a Special Counsel to take over the investigation into Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the Obama administration.

It isn’t enough to just have an oversight committee ask questions. There is enough evidence in the public domain already to justify charges on several people. Not including what hasn’t been released yet.

If Jeff Sessions doesn’t appoint a special counsel soon the calls for action will turn into calls for resignation.


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