The Second American Revolution: Patriots Rising

We've won some battles but the war is not over.



When you take an elevated position over the battlefield you begin to realize that you aren't standing next to a few people, but an entire army that is fighting by your side.

It's easy to get lost in the disinformation of the day that's echoed across all of the propaganda networks but it's important to remember what brought us all together:


Realize that Love is the solution to everything and spiritual development is the only thing that will lead us out of this mess. -Anonymous

Whether it's love for Faith, Family or Country. Love brought us all together to fight the fight. We are all fully aware of what is at stake here. Some of us always have been and others are just waking up. It's important to stay active in this battle to avoid slipping back into complacency and to wake others up around you.

Make no mistake about it, this is a war. It's a war for our future and it's a war for your mind, body and soul. Good and Evil exists in this world whether you choose to accept it or not. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation.

People all over the world are rejecting globalism for a reason, these people are evil. 

Uncontrolled migration through open borders, importing radical islam through reckless refugee programs and crushing our economy via NAFTA/TPP/WTO were just a few of the steps in a much larger goal to implement a global power structure.

The one thing they didn't anticipate was Donald Trump winning the Presidency.

Now that we are trying to restore our Republic and regain our Nation's soverignty, these powerful forces are fighting back. They are trying to stop President Trump from implementing our agenda by any means nescessary.

President Trump needs us now more than ever. It's important that we fight back by spreading the truth while shining the light on their corruption.

This global cabal is funded by the Rothschilds, the Kingdom of Saud and George Soros with a combined wealth in the trillions of dollars. Their puppets are our politicians, journalists, professors, mainstream/social media and news outlets.

One of the major developments that hasn't been fully realized is that King Salman of Saudi Arabia changed his succesor to Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) which led to the arrest of several high ranking officials on corruption charges. These same people have deep ties to our goverment and mainstream/social media organizations. It will not be surprising to see several arrested here in the United States as their financials are fully investigated. MBS has a completely different vision for Saudi Arabia than his father. You will see more about this in the future. 

President Trump calling the media "fake news" is an understatement. We are constantly being bombarded with disinformation designed to keep us confused, afraid, unsure, discouraged and disoriented.

It's important for you to know that there are Patriots working hard behind the scenes in our government and in our intelligence agencies to drain the swamp. President Trump is very much in control and we will win this war.