The Greatest Christmas EVER

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.



President Donald Trump has reshaped the Republican party in an image of 'America First' Patriotism and Nationalism. He's shined the light on the those, from both sides of the aisle, who represent the failed path of globalism and what many president's before him have called the 'New World Order'.

Trump has kept his promises to the American people by implementing one of the most conservative agendas of our lifetime and just as important, he has taken the fight to the establishment elite.

We knew that draining the swamp and making America great again wasn't going to happen overnight but what President Trump has been able to accomplish in his first year is astonishing when you paint the bigger picture.

Overcoming the 'Fake News' Media

Despite the establishment media's best attempt to destroy President Trump, while painting a dire picture of his first year in office, Donald Trump has managed to accomplish more than any other President before him.

It's important to understand who owns and controls the media to understand why Trump went out of his way to brand them 'Fake News' right out of the gate. 

The media is owned by a handful of elite who are at war with everything President Trump (and his supporters) stands for. They are a controlled by the CIA deepstate (also at war with Trump) who feed them information and in some cases pose as the journalists themselves.


This isn't opinion or conspiracy, these are undeniable facts available to anyone willing to research them. Look up 'Operation Mockingbird'.

The media relies on feeding low information voters their steady stream of propaganda in order to control the population. The only way to break this cycle is for an outsider, like Donald Trump and alternative media sources, to shine a light on their operation. This end result of this will produce a 'great awakening' of the population.

You'll never see the media and the deepstate expose themselves as frauds and tools, that would be suicide.

America is Reborn

Donald Trump's greatest achievement will always be keeping Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

President Trump has accomplished more than I can even keep track of. Not being able to find it anywhere was the inspiration for making this site but what he stopped from happening is just as important. 

As more of the Obama administration's past dealings come to light, we begin to see the amount of corruption involved and the extent to which the establishment went to keep America from becoming Great Again.

In the end, President Trump will be vindicated. Light will overcome darkness, the truth will prevail, good will triumph over evil and we will remember the Trump Presidency as one of the greatest moments in history.