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Rap Culture Creates Perpetual Poverty in Black Communities

Issued: February 17, 2018

rappers keeping blacks in poverty
How the largely ignored rap culture is impacting our society. Keeping our youth impoverished, imprisoned and murdered.

Nobody wants to tackle this issue because it's something near and dear to a lot of people's hearts. Rap music is a big part of our lives and listened to by hundreds of millions all over the globe. I think it's safe to say that rap music in general isn't going anywhere but we do need to take a closer look at the impact rap culture is having on our society.

There is a certain segment of the population that has no idea what I'm talking about because they only hear that one watered down version of a song on the radio designed to promote the album. The people who listen to real rap know exactly what I'm talking about. To go a step further, some of the most popular rappers don't have songs on the radio at all and don't want to be.

The majority of rappers have a similar storyline of how they 'rose out of the hood' and ultimately became successful. They tell their story of gang banging, selling drugs, pimping hoes, armed robbery and murder. They rap about it, brag about it and some claim to still do it in order to maintain their 'street cred'.

While they may not fully realize it, these rappers are creating a cycle of poverty, violence, death and destruction in the same neighborhoods they fought to escape.

Our youth connects with these rappers, they feel as if they are speaking to them directly because they are voicing the struggles they face every day. Even if they aren't an aspiring rapper themselves, most still attempt to use the rapper's blueprint for success and either end up in prison or getting shot and killed.

When you factor in that 76 percent of white families and only 33 percent of black families have a mother and father at home, you begin to see how the rapper can end up being the male role model for our children pretty quickly. And why it's an important subject that needs to be talked about by people far greater than myself.

These same rap artists are then promoted, idolized, glorified and glamorized by hollywood, our media and even the White House by former President Obama himself. Now I'd never want to infringe on their right to free speech but we have an obligation and a responsibility to hold them accountable for their words. The problem with that is they never get questioned on their messaging or have to answer for the culture they promote and create because they are all 'part of the club'.

The truth is, rap culture is just a cog in a wheel designed to keep people in our prison systems, on welfare and voting for Democrats. Our government assists in creating these single family homes by essentially making it mandatory in order to receive welfare for foodstamps and childcare. It's a giant scam on our population to keep society impoverished and reliant on the government for solutions to problems they've created but will never solve.

Pay attention to what you're feeding your mind and the motivation of those around you. If you're a rapper, rap about positive solutions and encourage self betterment not self destruction. The only way to lift up our communities is if we first lift up ourselves.

Following in the footsteps of these false idols will only lead to despair.

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