Welfare Abusers to Welfare Reform

President Trump targets Welfare Reform in Missouri speech.



The President gave a speech in St. Charles, Missouri today and made his priorities very clear:

  1. Biggest Tax Cuts in History
  2. Phenomenal Healthcare (revisited)
  3. Welfare Reform
  4. Infrastructure

Get ready to see Democrats meltdown.

The people who are going to be mad, AKA Democrats, are the ones who are abusing the system right now.

The average hard working American, AKA Republicans, have met their fair share of people leeching off the system, I know I have.

You walk into Dollar General and you see 'that person' with 3 shopping carts full of crap: soda, candy, chips, etc... Then they waddle up to the counter, out of breathe and whip out their 'Food Stamp Card' to pay for it all. Later you see them in the parking lot, loading it into their Cadillac Escalade sitting on 24" rims.

Or, you see 'that person' with their little badass kids running around grabbing candy, chips and soda out of the isles at 7-11 and the mom says 'Get what you want and let's go'. Then she whips out her 'Food Stamp Card' to pay for it all.

This is not what 'welfare' is supposed to be folks.

Is this what you want your tax dollars spent on? Hell no.

President Trump is right for raising this issue and I hope it is dealt with swiftly. 

Welfare was never meant to be a permanent solution for lazy people. It was meant to help you out if you ran into hard times, temporarily.

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