Fusion GPS is a Tentacle of the CIA

Bombshell information outs Nellie Ohr as a CIA Operative



I can't even begin to describe what the implications of this information will be so I'm just going to focus on peeling back these layers so you can see exactly what the facts are and decide for yourself what it means.

The Associate Deputy Attorney General, Bruce Ohr, was recently demoted by the Department of Justice for meeting with "Fusion GPS".

We also learned that Bruce's Wife is named Nellie Ohr and she actually works for "Fusion GPS".

What you didn't see in the news is that Nellie Ohr is also a CIA operative.

Nellie Ohr represents a CIA organization called "Open Source Works"

The DOJ released a report in 2010 that listed Nellie Ohr as a representative of Open Source Works:


You can search this 2008 oversight hearing or this 2010 DOD National Security program for "Open Source Works" to confirm it is indeed a CIA organization. I suggest you download them because they will probably be taken down soon.

What is Fusion GPS?

Fusion GPS is a commercial research and strategic intelligence firm based in Washington, D.C. The company conducts open-source investigations -Wiki

The Washington post recently wrote that Fusion GPS "operates with the secrecy of a spy agency".

Hmm... Who else conducts "Open Source" investigations?

Let's take a look at the CIA's own description of Open Source Works:

Drawing on analysts to mine open-source information for new or alternative insights on intelligence issues.


 Now if you do a search on google for this exact term: 

"Open Source Works" filetype:pdf site:.gov

You will pull up these PDF documents mentioning Open Source Works on .Gov websites linked above.

The last time Open Source Works is mentioned in a public PDF on a .Gov website is in 2011. Which happens to be the same year Fusion GPS was founded.

Why is the Wife of the Associate Deputy Attorney General (Rosenstein's right hand man) working for an arm of the CIA; an open source intelligence gathering organization and now Fusion GPS; an open source intelligence gathering organization?


Has the CIA been using Fusion GPS as its weapon against President Trump?

Is it possible that the CIA's "Open Source Works" morphed into "Fusion GPS"?

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