FBI Tarmac Emails Released

Internal communications of the FBI tell us all we need to know about what their priority was regarding #TarmacGate.



They weren't talking about how irresponsible it was for former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to meet privately with Bill Clinton on the Tarmac while his Wife, Hillary Clinton was under investigation by Lynch's Justice Department. No, because that is what a legitimate bureau's reponse would be. As in, a legitimate FBI that had no knowledge that the meeting was going to take place.

Obama's FBI was more concerned about damage control, which indicates they knew exactly what was going to happen that day.

They were worried about the story that came out about how the FBI told reporters not to take photos or video of the meeting. But most of all, the FBI was more concerned over finding the source who talked to the press about the Tarmac meeting than the actual meeting itself.

In recently released emails by Judicial Watch, that they had to argue in court to get, after being told they didn't exist. We've learned that the FBI's first reaction to Bill Clinton meeting privately with Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac wasn't to investigate 'Why' it happened but 'Who talked to the press.'

Redacted FBI Agent (Likely Former FBI Director James Comey):

I believe the source quoted in this article is one of the local Phoenix LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers). Needless to say that I have contacted the Phoenix office and will contact the local's who assisted in an attempt to stem any further damage. This is exactly why our Discrection and Judgement are the foundation of the AG's trust in our team, which is why we can never violate that trust, like the source did in this article.

One Agent said "We need to find that guy", another said "You think there will be a need for non-disclosure agreements in the future?". 

The stories they were passing around amongst themselves all had one thing in common, this meeting was supposed to be private and it smells like they knew about it.

How did the Reporters find out about the meeting?

I'd like to think that a Patriot in the bureau seen what was about to happen and tipped off local reporters about this meeting that was about to take place on the Tarmac.

How else would these reporters know to be there at that time on that day?

There are good guys in the intelligence agencies that hate seeing how corrupt they've become. They knew we needed a President like Donald Trump to come in and clean it up and that's exactly what's going to happen. Have faith.