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UPDATE Second Noreaster in Week to Dump Foot of Powder

Issued: 2018-03-06

For the second time in less than a week, a nor'easter will slam the East Coast.

This storm, however, will be much snowier along the I-95 corridor, including near the Boston-New York City-Philadelphia corridor.

Poor commuting conditions are expected Wednesday in much of the Northeast, and once again Thursday in New England.

The combination of heavy snow and strong winds may lead to additional tree damage and power outages.

Some minor coastal flooding is also possible along parts of the Eastern Seaboard.

Winter Storm Quinn will hammer the storm-weary Northeast with heavy snow and strong winds, triggering additional power outages and tree damage just days after another nor'easter knocked out power to over 2 million.

(MORE: Winter Storm Central | How Winter Storms are Named)

Quinn also brought heavy snow to the Mountain West last week and pounded the northern Plains and upper Midwest Monday into Tuesday.

Snow from Quinn has already begun to spread into the interior Northeast, but the lion's share of the storm will occur Wednesday into Thursday.

Big, wet snowflakes were observed in the Binghamton, New York, area Tuesday evening as the first round of moisture arrived in the Northeast.

Rain is falling in portions of the mid-Atlantic region, which will eventually mix with or change over to wet snow near and north of the Mason-Dixon Line on Wednesday.

The jet stream energy from Quinn will trigger the development of an intensifying area of low pressure into Wednesday near the Northeast coast.

The exact track of that low is still a tad uncertain and is making the snowfall forecasts for parts of the Interstate 95 corridor quite tricky.

Areas closer to the coast have a greater chance of seeing significant accumulating snow from Quinn when compared to Riley.

(NEWS: Winter Storm Riley's Impacts)

The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings from eastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey to central and eastern New York and much of New England. This includes Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Albany, Portland and much of the Boston metro area.

A winter weather advisory has also been posted for parts of northwestern Maryland, eastern West Virginia, adjacent portions of western Virginia, northern Maryland, northern Delaware, southern New Jersey, central Pennsylvania, a strip of central New York, Long Island and southeastern New England, with the exception of Cape Cod.

Quinn's coastal low is not expected to be as powerful or as slow-moving as the one we saw during Winter Storm Riley last week, but it'll still pack a punch. In general, the magnitude of the winds and coastal flooding from Quinn will not rise to the level we saw in Riley.

However, some additional tree damage and power outages cannot be ruled out given the combination of strong winds and heavy, wet snow.

(MORE: 3 Ways Winter Storm Quinn Isn't Like the Last Nor'easter)


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