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Snowden On the Move QAnon

Issued: 2018-03-12

Image Credits: Barton Gellman / Getty.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The intelligence agent known as QAnon has made it clear that whistleblower Edward Snowden has left Russia and is currently in Hong Kong.

Through a series of photographs showing various locations in the impoverished western slums of Hong Kong, where Snowden initially hid while escaping the United States on his way to asylum in Russia, QAnon notes that U.S. military intelligence is tracking and monitoring Snowden’s every step.

White Hat or Black Hat?

At issue is the question whether Snowden is a “white hat” determined to expose the deep state’s massive on-going surveillance of U.S. citizens in direct violation of U.S. laws, or a “black hat” still on a CIA mission to destroy the NSA’s electronic surveillance capabilities of spying on U.S. citizens in order to leave the CIA dominant in the secret mission to keep tabs on all U.S. citizens considered suspect because of their political views.

Snowden and Assange: A dynamic duo on the move?

As first reported in January, President Trump appears to have cleared the path for Julian Assange to return to the United States without being charged with espionage act criminal violations, simply by considering him a journalist who had a right to publish even classified information that was stolen by others, under the Supreme Court rulings in cases like New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, and the Pentagon Papers case, New York Times v. United States, 403 U.S. 713. previously reported that at a press conference held on Thursday, Jan. 11, in Quito, Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed both that Ecuador naturalized Julian Assange in granting him citizenship, and that Ecuador had extended to Assange diplomatic status as well.

A Christmas Day QAnon post on 8chan and a series of messages posted on Twitter by Julian Assange on New Year’s Day appear to deliver a coordinated message that an extradition for Assange from his sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London over the interval of January 5 to January 6, perhaps having used his Ecuadorian diplomatic passport to travel by train to the Continent to seek refuge now in Bern, Switzerland.

Since the Christmas holiday, there appears to have been no confirmed sightings or meetings with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has lived under asylum since fleeing to that embassy in 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face criminal charges on a sexual assault allegation that has since been dropped by the Swedish courts.

Assange claims to possess indisputable evidence the theft of emails from the DNC was an inside job perpetrated by Seth Rich, a disillusioned DNC employee with IT responsibilities who was angry at Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for having rigged the Democratic primaries to assure that Democratic Party “super-delegates” would vote for Clinton, with the result that Sen. Bernie Sanders would lose the Democratic Party presidential nomination regardless how many state primary contests he won against Clinton.

Snowden claims to have intimate knowledge of both the NSA and CIA illegal data collection on U.S. citizens, plus an understanding of why the CIA funded Google and other social media content giants so as to get ready access to data on individual patterns of Internet use that would allow the CIA and NSA to micro-target an individual database that may include every phone conversation and email or text message made by every person in the United States.

Eric Schmidt’s culpability in the Deep State “Never Trump” movement

In the 2016 presidential campaign, leaked emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta published by WikiLeaks made clear that Schmidt wanted to play the role of Clinton’s “head outside advisor,” ready to lend to the Clinton campaign Google’s powerful micro-targeting data to develop software to be used in “get out the vote” (GOTV) and campaign fundraising efforts.


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