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Senate Officials Confirm John McCain Expected to Step Down from US Senate

Issued: 2018-03-08

Sen. John McCain is not expected to return the Washington D.C. politics, according to several sources who are closely monitoring his health and medical treatments at his ranch in Arizona.

In fact, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is already in the process of selecting a candidate to run for McCain’s senate seat in a special election after McCain’s expected retirement from the Senate, sources said. Candidates were contacted this week in fact as Democrats jockey to find new blood to oppose the GOP-held seat in Arizona.

“At this point, we are coming to terms that McCain is done here (in the Senate),” one Senate insider on the Hill said Wednesday. “Preparations are underway to deal with this.”

Just weeks ago, a White House official said McCain — known for his anti-Trump leaks to the media and his connection to the bogus Trump dossier — was refusing to step down from the Senate despite his reported stage IV brain cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Now, sources said, the GOP and Democrats are prepping for a likely special election for his Arizona senate seat. First, however, if McCain were to retire, the governor of Arizona would appoint an interim Republican to fill McCain’s seat before a special election.

That would give the GOP another vote in the Senate as McCain has been absent since Christmas.

As True Pundit reported Feb. 17:

John McCain may never cast another vote in the U.S. Senate.

But he plans to stay in Arizona and the U.S. Senate, according to a high-level White House source, regardless of GOP-backed pressure for him to retire from the Senate.

Met with D.C. heavyweight source today very plugged in who said McCain refuses to step aside even though he’s dying and won’t last the year. “It’s all about him” the source said.

— Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) February 17, 2018

Anyone else would retire from the Senate and allow Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey appoint a new GOP replacement.

Not McCain.

John McCain is a pretty good runner for a guy with a boot on his leg.

Or legs. He switches the boot to different feet, all while recovering from an alleged “Achilles tear.”

Another lie in a career-long list of lies, half-truths and manipulations stretching the truth from Washington D.C. to Arizona to Vietnam and back again. Several times.

So it was of little surprise that when the bogus Trump dossier reached a fever pitch of debate and finger pointing on Tuesday, McCain was nowhere to be found.

Missing In Action.


Is McCain even in D.C? No. Sources report he is still at his $15 million mountain-top compound in Arizona. Is he under treatment for his Stage IV cancer treatment. No one is saying. Like always with everything McCain, it’s hard to believe what is true and what is polished hype to make him appear to be a hero.

But this was predicted in December and even before. True Pundit reported McCain would not return to D.C. if the dossier scandal stayed hot. it has. And McCain is not in the Beltway.

From Dec. 14, 2017 in True Pundit, McCain Eyes Exit from Senate Amid ‘Stress’ from Growing Trump Dossier Scandal:

John McCain is reportedly preparing to pull back from the U.S. Senate, according to Beltway insiders who say new demands to answer for his role in either underwriting or promoting the Trump phony dossier are stressing the Arizona senator’s fragile health.

It is not clear whether McCain plans to outright retire from the Senate or simply focus on his Stage IV cancer treatments away from Washington, D.C. but many GOP insiders believe McCain’s last days in the Senate are close.


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