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Final days of NFL starturned killer revealed in shocking new doc

Issued: 2018-03-16

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Molly Line has the details

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez can still vividly remember the last days of his client Aaron Hernandez's life before Hernandez committed suicide at Massachusetts’s Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center.

In 2017, the former New England Patriots tight end was found hanging from a bedsheet attach to a window in his cell.

The 27-year-old, who was serving life without parole for the 2013 murder of Odin L. Lloyd, had recently been acquitted of committing a double murder in 2012.

Baez, who insists the ex-NFL star was innocent, chose to come forward in a two-part docu-series on Oxygen titled “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,” which aims to explore the athlete’s secret double life before his sudden death.

It also features interviews with former teammates, detectives, as well as Shayanna Jenkins, his fiancée and the mother of his only child.

“After his death, I can tell you it really disturbed me how many people were throwing out stories and saying certain things that were not only factually inaccurate, but just outright abusive,” Baez told Fox News about his involvement with the show. “I thought and I felt, and I still do to this day, that the real story has to get out there… No one has ever captured the true Aaron Hernandez. It’s been bothersome to me and that’s why I decided to take part of it.”

Baez said Hernandez appeared joyful about his acquittal and didn’t seem to have death on his mind. Baez was reportedly gearing up to tackle the verdict that was keeping Hernandez behind bars.

“Aaron’s final days were happy days,” he explained. “He was excited by the fact that he got acquitted. He was looking forward to the future. The best way I could describe it is through his own words. He said, ‘I feel like a kid again.’ He was so excited and happy.”

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez attends an evidentiary hearing at Bristol County Superior Court in Fall River, Massachusetts, October 2, 2014.  (Reuters)

Baez claimed it was an illness that would cut Hernandez’s life short.

The Washington Post revealed the once-celebrated football player suffered the most severe case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) ever discovered in a person his age. Researchers at Boston University said the severe damage in his brain would have significantly affected his decision-making, judgment and cognition.

In 2017, the lawyers for Hernandez’s estate filed a concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL.

“When you have that type of a brain disease, it doesn’t control logic,” said Baez. “That’s what people have a hard time understanding. If the brain is destroyed, and it was, then that’s what makes us go. Our thoughts, our decisions… our whole existence flows from that.”

Baez said he was still disturbed by Hernandez’s suicide.

New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (L) scores a touchdown as he is tackled by Indianapolis Colts safety Antoine Bethea in the second quarter of their NFL football game in Foxborough, Massachusetts November 21, 2010.  (Reuters)


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