Melania Trump Does it Better than Michelle Obama


Now that we have Melania Trump as the First Lady of the United States, America is saving twice the amount of money than having Michelle Obama.

  • Melania Trump’s staffs only 4 people compared to Michelle Obama’s record breaking 24.
  • Melania Trump’s staff’s payroll is $486,700 compared to Michelle Obama’s $1.24 Million.
  • Melania Trump definitely doesn’t need to over compensate for anything. She is highly intelligent, full of grace and easily one of the most beautiful First Ladies in U.S. history.

    Unfortunately the Democrats and the Media’s bias towards Donald Trump has caused them to unfairly criticize Melania as well. They would rather mock her accent and her appearance than focus on anything that would cast her in a positive light. Something Donald Trump supporters have grown accustomed to seeing. They are disgusted by the Media’s bombardment of constant propaganda and negative coverage.

    Aside from just saving our tax dollars from being completely wasted, Melania Trump also has patriot pride for America. She said becoming a citizen of the United States was the greatest privilege on planet Earth. Compare this to Michelle Obama saying “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.” when her husband was elected.

    Melania Trump says becoming a citizen is “The Greatest Privelage on Planet Earth”

    Melania Trump takes an active role in addressing the opioid crisis

    Melania Trump recently help a very successful roundtable discussion on the opioid crisis. She met with treatment advocates, families and first responders at the White House to collaborate on solutions. Melania said: “I’m here today to listen and learn from all of your stories and hope you will feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions on how best I can help…These are not statistics…These are our children, our nieces and nephews, our friends. This is no longer someone else’s kids, someone else’s co-worker, someone else’s community. Everyone in this country is impacted by drug addiction and by the opioid crisis.”

    President Donald Trump has declared the opioid crisis a national emergency and is currently drawing up the paperwork to make it official. He campaigned on addressing this issue in several states with high overdose deaths and drug abuse. Trump said recently: “The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I’m saying officially right now it is an emergency…It’s a national emergency. We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis…We’re going to draw it up and we’re going to make it a national emergency. It is a serious problem the likes of which we have never had.”

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse released data on September 7th that predicts the addiction epidemic in the United States will continue to grow, bringing drug deaths to an estimated 71,600 for 2017. If the estimation holds true, drug deaths will surpass U.S. casualties from the Vietnam War for the second year in a row.


    8 Comments on “Melania Trump Does it Better than Michelle Obama”

    1. You both are idiots. Mrs.Trump is beautiful,graceful,intelligent and dosent need 24 employees for WHAT? Moochelle needed that much help to look presentable? Maybe.She was a little butch.Im proud of our country for getting rid of democrats in the whitehouse. The downfall of America was attempted by obobo and was to be finished by HILLERY. Thank god we dodged that bullet.

      1. How is Michelle Obama’s appearance relevant? I don’t think she’s butch (I think she’s gorgeous), but who cares if she is? Imagine actually thinking that someone’s value was dependent upon the way they looked. Also “Moochelle” and “obobo” – you are objectively racist. Pretty pathetic, coming from someone like you, who can barely speak English.

    2. This is prob the dumbest, most NON-Newsworthy, article I have ever wasted my time to attempt to read. And let me be clear, I am honestly trying to be partial and fair – which is the ONLY reason I read this in the first place. I have been trying, very diligently, to read articles from the likes of Fox News and other #TrumpLand media outlets like this so I can try to maybe understand and/or at least listen to another’s perspective – especially when I don’t necessarily share the same beliefs and ideologies – because I know everyone has different opinions and that is NOT a bad thing whatsoever. Healthy debate is a good thing and I try to seek first to try and understand another’s point of view (or at least listen to what they have to say about why they believe what they do) before just 100% completely dismissing it simply b/c I don’t believe it. I understand that we all have different life experiences and we come from different social/economic/religious backgrounds and that plays a massive role in how we think and act every single day (most often without even realizing it because it comes from our subconscious). It shapes who we are. So with that being said, I understand that I can strongly disagree with someone else’s opinion but that does not mean they are necessarily Wrong nor that I am Right – we may just have simply had different life experiences that have molded our strong beliefs one way or the other. As long as your opinion is rooted from your own personal WHY and has actual relevance to real life issues that affect real life people then I will never have any problem with discussing it and hearing your perspective. But what I can’t deal with is opinion articles like this one that are rooted from nothing more than trying to reach for a story of ZERO importance – and that has ZERO affect in any way on real life – to anyone who may read it just to be divisive, hateful, and try to influence readers into believing this somehow should matter and they should be angry one way or the other because of it. This has as much merit as a story as if you were able to discover the amount of money FLOTUS spent on their makeup during their times serving as First Ladies of the United States of America – and then roll that info into trying to influence people into thinking that this should somehow affect their views as to why one POTUS was more effective on the National Budget than another because their wife used less money on their own personal cosmetics… Unbelievable. Great research buddy, awesome story, you should be a proud journalist.

    3. What? What has she done? Went to Michigan last week to talk to kids about bullying? She KNOWS alot about that! Married to #1 bully! And what else? Spent millions of dollars for her to stay in NY November to June? And what did she do then? And you do know there is still a huge possibility that she did not finalize her legal status ? You do know that right?

    4. This is unrelated to the actual topic, I know, but – the title doesn’t make grammatical sense and I counted 7 other grammatical errors within the article. Intelligent people struggle for years to be recognised as journalists and then trash like this gets published. Literally HOW? The fact that the journalist can barely string a sentence together completely discredits what he/she is saying – how am I supposed to be convinced by what you’re saying if you don’t even care enough about what you’re saying to proofread it? How can this be a decent publication if it doesn’t even go through basic editorial checks? Clearly garbage.

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