Human Trafficking Arrests SURGE: Trump Cracks Down on “Modern Slavery”


“Modern Slavery” that gets Under Reported: Human Trafficking

It’s a topic that many shy away from because it makes them uncomfortable.

Knowing that there are children, women and men being bought and sold in an underground human trafficking market.

Where they are forced to do unspeakable things just to stay alive, hoping that one day someone will come to rescue them.

Some these people have been in someones possession so long they’ve given up hope and others were taken at such a young age that they don’t know any other way of life.

It’s a very sad reality that serious topics like human trafficking are often put on the back burner while “News Media” outlets are obsessed with reporting everything Trump. And by everything I mean anything that will cast him in a disparaging light. Under the the Trump administration, human trafficking arrests have sky rocketed and it’s getting little to no airtime.

It’s almost been a year since President Trump was elected and the American people are tired of being bombarded by political operatives, posing as journalists, analyzing every single tweet the President sends. Where have the real journalists gone? Where are the undercover investigations exposing these underground sex rings and these child traffickers?

And why am I writing an article about it on a Saturday night that nobody is going to read?

Human Trafficking Statistics:

Let’s talk about the FBI: 2016 Human Trafficking data that was recently released.

The first thing that jumps out to me isn’t the few states with higher numbers. That just means they are actually addressing the problem.

It’s the states with zero or very low human trafficking statistics that are troubling.

If Ohio really only had 1 investigation into the ‘Commercial Sex’ market in 2016 and didn’t even close the case, then we have a serious informational crisis or a lack of will to investigate these traffickers and bring them to justice.

Either way, in 2017 with the election of President Donald Trump, all of this has changed.

It’s almost like all he had to do is push a button on his desk or turn to someone and give them a nod to ‘Green Light’ this massive a surge of trafficker arrests.

Trump’s Crack Down on Human Trafficking

Trump has made it clear publicly that he was going to fight this epidemic of human trafficking.

In the White House, Donald Trump has met with human trafficking survivors.

(Official White House Photo by Claire Barnett)

The girls read a letter to President Trump while they were there, part of the letter said:

“Mr. President, we urge you to keep America safe and strong.

We know that some people are trying to discourage you.

Do not be discouraged. You are right to keep American safe and strong.

Not only for America. But for the world.

If American is not safe and strong, where can people like us look for hope, when there is danger?

Finally, we urge you to keep making America prosperous.”

Human Trafficking is something we can all agree needs to be targeted and dismantled.

We should all come together and unify around freeing these people from bondage. No one should have to live under these conditions.

When Trump vowed to fight this ‘epidemic’ of human trafficking, he meant it.

Here are just a few reports of Human Trafficking related arrests since his election:

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