Drain the Swamp: The Birth of the Trumpism Movement


When we said “Drain the Swamp”. We meant it.

Can President Trump actually Drain the Swamp? Will he be able to overcome the Establishment Republicans that want to see him fail, the obstructionist Democrats and the Fake News Media’s constant assault?

Honestly? I can’t think of anyone with the character, motivation or resolve other than Donald Trump that could even scratch the surface facing this kind of opposition. This is a lot to ask of one man. The amount of pressure President Trump must be feeling would crush the average person into submission within seconds.

He has truly defied all of the odds to get to this moment. All of the pundits, pollsters and critics that were laughing when he first declared are the same people rooting for his demise as President.

The Establishment Republicans are actively sabotaging the platform we voted for. All of this resistance and obstruction doesn’t have any effect on President Trump. The direct impact is on the American people and the agenda we fought for.

The Republican party has become a disgrace. The party has been infiltrated by Fake Republicans. They either think the American people are too stupid to realize what they are doing or they all signed a ‘political suicide’ pact.

Whichever it is, I can promise you that there are Millions voters that see exactly who you are. And there are Thousands of activists that will ensure you feel the weight of the America around your neck on election day when we drain the swamp.


Trump Movement: The Inception of Trumpism

Donald Trump and Melania were living the American Dream. They could have just lived their lives, happily traveling the world building their empire. Instead they voluntarily ended that dream and entered into a nightmare. Trying their best to represent the American people with a bombardment of ridicule and disrespect. Yes, even from the Republican party.

The Swamp actually thinks if they can get rid of Trump it will all be over, all of their problems will go away. Anyone who really believes this is sadly mistaken.

We barely survived the Obama administration weakening America, Congress becoming complacent with the status quo and Democrats getting elected as Republicans only to disregard their constituents.

Now that we have our foot in the door we will never let it close again. Electing Donald Trump was only the first step of a much larger Trumpism Movement. We put Trump into office to implement as much of our agenda as possible and so far we’ve:

  • Kept Hillary Clinton out of office.
  • Confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • Rescinded the stifling Obama executive orders
  • Vastly reduced illegal immigration at the Southern border
  • Implemented Policies to help our Veterans
  • Pressured companies to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.
  • We’re Aggressivley Destroying ISIS
  • Rapidly deporting Criminal illegal aliens
  • And that’s just from the top of my head. This is enough for President Trump to have accomplished in an entire term and it would still be labeled a success.

    All of these accomplishments are a Win for Trumpism and we salute President Trump for keeping his promises. He is doing an outstanding job considering the circumstances.

    The failure has been with The Swamp. We will continue to replace the Senators and Congressman who oppose ‘the will’ of the American people, starting with 2018 and 2020. They have lost their perspective as to why they were elected. Now that we have our foot in the door, we will not let it close. The fact that we were able to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States is a testament to the power we hold.


    Trumpism: A New Direction for our Nation. A New Future for our Children and Grandchildren.

    The Trumpism Movement is only beginning. When President Trump’s 2 terms are over we will find someone that will continue our platform. His job is to do as much as he can. As long as he does this we will always have his back.

    If you’ve ever watched or attended a Donald Trump rally, chances are you heard a few phrases being chanted from the massive crowds.

  • “U.S.A.”
  • “Lock Her Up”
  • “Build the Wall”
  • “CNN Sucks”
  • Drain the Swamp
  • These chants weren’t just a bunch of people making noise. They were screams of passion from the hearts of frustrated Americans. More importantly, they weren’t meant to be forgotten or ignored.

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