Donald Trump Sacrifices his Wealth for the Country


Donald Trump sacrifices his Wealth for the Country while Politicians Sacrifice their Country for Wealth.

Donald Trump’s fortune has dropped $600 million since becoming President‘ is the headline. His critics that are using this as ammo against him are missing the mark…Again.

It’s well known that President Trump didn’t need to become President to gain wealth, fame or fortune. He was already living the American Dream.

Donald Trump’s sacrifice has been tremendous and immeasurable. Not only for him personally but for his family, friends and overall brand. Trump isn’t even taking the Presidential Salary, he’s donated it every quarter so far. Yet Democrats continue to put out fake news stories saying he hasn’t ‘released proof’. The fact is, nothing this President does will satisfy the left. They are the definition of Haters.

Donald Trump’s supporters appreciate the sacrifices he has made to fight for them.

Trumplicans knew that Donald Trump wasn’t going to be persuaded by monetary gain. They knew he wasn’t going to waiver in the face of lobbyists and special interests.

Which is in stark contrast to other Politicians who ‘lose their way’ once they make it to the halls of DC. Somehow these politicians manage to get nothing accomplished and yet come out as multi millionaires.

That’s why Trump banned his administration lobbying as soon as he got into office. He wasn’t joking about Draining the Swamp. Trump said they should be focused on doing their job, not thinking about how much money they are going to make in the future.

Just take a look at Maxine Waters. She lives in a 4.8 Million dollar mansion and she allegedly paid her daughter $750,000 to mail out campaign flyers. Maxine has been under investigation by The House Ethics Committee several times. Most recently for steering millions of dollars to a bank where her husband owns stock and sits on the Board of Directors.

The bottom line is, the American people know that Donald Trump has sacrificed a lot to become President. I just hope that he knows how much we appreciate all that he is doing for us and for America.


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