Donald Trump Defends Christmas and Christianity


Donald Trump: “We’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

Ending political correctness has been a major goal of President Trump from the very beginning. Trump understood that Democrats use political correctness as a weapon, to dismantle American culture on many sides… on many sides. He seen the detrimental effect it was having on the Nation and went out of his way to bring it to the forefront early in his campaign.

Now that he is President, with only 10 weeks until Christmas, President Trump is again fulfilling another campaign promise he made on the trail.

Donald Trump spoke at the Values Voters Summit where he called out the Department Stores for being too ‘Politically Correct’, he said we are “returning moral clarity to our view of the world” and ending the “attacks on Judeo-Christian values.”

Most people understand the principal and the importance of what President Trump is conveying, while others mock him and Christians in general. The contempt that Democrats have for Christians in America is disgusting. CNN even compared the Values Voters Summit to a Klan Rally.

Gets it:

Doesn’t Get it:

There is a reason you will never see Democrats attacking any other religion other than Christianity.

The reason Democrats attack Christianity because it is the predominant religion in America and America happens to be predominantly white.

So in a Democrats mind, it’s okay attack Christianity because its an attack on white Americans and America in general.

The reason why they are so quick to call Donald Trump a racist is because Democrats think all Christians are racists, or a hate group.

Under the Obama Administration the Washington Times reported:

The chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said that “religious freedom” and “religious liberty” have become merely “code words” for intolerance, “Christian supremacy” and committing every form of identity-politics sin, and thus they must yield before anti-discrimination laws.

If you haven’t noticed, being Anti-America and Anti-Christian has been a constant theme for the Democrat party.

Democrats continue to make this huge mistake, Christianity spans throughout ALL RACES. Christianity isn’t any type of supremacy, this is ridiculous.

This type of identity politics is a stain on the Nation. When are Democrats going to get a real message? Other then being ‘Anti-Everything’ and accusing Christianity of being a hate group.

President Trump is doing more for Christianity and All other Religions than you realize

The reason why I say it’s more than you realize is because the media isn’t reporting on it.

The media doesn’t want you to know that Jeff Sessions outlines broad exemptions for religious freedom last week.

Which is in stark contrast to the Obama Administration and other Democrats who continue to demonize Christianity.

Donald Trump defending religious liberty and religious freedom for all Americans is just another one of Trumps many accomplishments.



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