DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions


New ‘Extreme Vetting’ measures were implemented by the White House to increase security procedures for refugees and correct potential security holes.

Refugees will face new security procedures when entering the United States as of Tuesday. President Trump is fulfilling another promise to the American people when he announced these measures as part of the effort to increase national security for all people coming to the United States. Trump often refers to these procedures as “Extreme Vetting”.

These new security procedures will intensify screening to keep fraudulent and nefarious people from exploiting the system to gain entry. These measures were implemented after the temporary pause Trump initiated on refugees entering the country while the U.S. government reviewed the existing program.

“The security of the American people is this administration’s highest priority, and these improved vetting measures are essential for American security…These new, standardized screening measures provide an opportunity for the United States to welcome those in need into our country, while ensuring a safer, more secure homeland.” -Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

Several departments reviewed the United States Refugee Admissions Program process after President Trump initiated Executive Order 13780. The purpose was to determine what further procedures needed to be added to ensure refugees seeking to enter the U.S. do not pose a security threat to the United States.

Some of the new procedures for refugee admissions include:

  • Increased data collection for investigating applicants.
  • Threat identification through information sharing between government agencies.
  • Screeners will be given fraud and deception training.
  • Part of the Department of Homeland Security’s mission is to prevent terrorism and enhance America’s security. With these new layers of security, the collaborating agencies have determined the United States can resume admitting refugees on a case by case basis.

    President Trump remains steadfast in his commitment to ensure the United States is protected from threats abroad. The White House will work closely with the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies to make any changes necessary to ensure the United States remains safe.

    Additional information about the improved security procedures for refugees.


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