CNN Compares Christian Values Voters to the KKK – Instantly BTFO


Is CNN trying to Self Destruct?

It’s a serious question that needs to be answered. There has to be some reason, other than their blind hatred for President Trump, that is driving them to completely destroy their network and their credibility.

Out of the 3 people who will read this article, 100% of them will wonder why I’m even bothering to write it. They aren’t even surprised that CNN compared Christian Values Voters to the KKK. That’s how ‘far out there’ their coverage has been. People believe that it’s just a lost cause. And maybe they are right, because they aren’t showing any signs of changing.

There is one thing that I admire about CNN, they have perfected the art of Extreme Faking. Instead of saying, ‘Hey guys, maybe we should just report the actual news for awhile.’ They just dig deeper and fake harder.

Democrats don’t have a platform they can run on. It’s important for people to realize that mixed into their fake news stories are little sprinkles of their positions on issues they normally don’t talk about during an election.

For example, this is what the Democrat platform looks like when it’s being articulated:

CNN calling the Christian Values Voters a hate group and comparing them to the KKK

Some of what we are calling Fake News is actually what it looks like when a Democrat expose what they actually think.

Don Lemon started off his segment misrepresenting President Trump’s appearance at the Values Voters Summit by saying “President Trump also reignited his ‘War on Christmas’ rhetoric”. They were bashing Christmas, Christians and the Values Voters through the entire segment.

CNN’s Maria Cardona agreed with the largely discredited Southern Poverty law center enough to use them as a source, citing that the Values Voters are a Hate Group. The entire reason she brought them up was back up her claim that the Christian Values Voters are the “Most Extreme Right” and went on to compare them to the KKK.

CNN’s Don Lemon says ‘The reason to stand for the Flag is Bullshit’ LIVE on-air

What Don Lemon is saying here is what he thinks all Democrats are feeling. This isn’t fake news, he is trying to be their voice.

The mistake he’s making is that the majority of Americans from BOTH SIDES disagree with his statement. So he is really only speaking to the alt-left or the far left side of the Democrat party.


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