Americans NOT influenced by Russian Ads -Rosenstein


Are we all just brainwashed zombies that can’t decipher what Fake News is? Of course not, but now it’s official.

Rod Rosenstein gave a rare interview where he confirmed that Americans were not influenced by Russian ads during the election.

Rosenstein said: “I think what people need to keep in mind is, that there is a distinction between people trying to sway American elections and succeeding in swaying American Elections. I think one of our responsibilities is to make sure that people understand what the risks are but also to make their own determinations. Americans are pretty savvy when they decide who to vote for. I don’t think they would be influenced by ads posted by foreign governments. I think people are more thoughtful about that in the way they make their decisions

Could this be a clue for Monday?

The Mueller team has filed charges but didn’t say for what and didn’t say on whom. It’s being reported that arrests could come as soon as Monday. If Rosenstein is giving interviews saying Russian ads didn’t influence the election this could indicate a major swing in the narrative of the investigation.

Some people are wondering if Mueller has actually been investigating Hillary Clinton this entire time. If they are ‘following the evidence wherever it may lead’ in regards to ‘Russian Interference’.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine the evidence leading to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC. Especially with what has been revealed to the public about all of Hillary Clinton’s connections with Russia.

If I were part of Mueller’s team I’d reveal that we are filing charges just to ‘stir the pot’ and monitor communications. But that’s just me.


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