American Energy Dominance: A New Era is Dawning under President Trump



American Energy Dominance Agenda:

There was a Major policy address today at the Heritage Foundation by U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

Secretary Zinke discussed President Donald Trump’s American Energy Dominance agenda, focusing specifically on the importance of American energy production.

Here is some key excerpts from his speech on American energy and advancing American interests:

“Today we’re at a energy crossroads and there are two visions for our future in energy. One side believes we should retreat into a fortress of regulation and red tape where foreign nations take the lead, as America drowns itself in process and procedure. This is not the vision of President Trump. Going forward our participation in the global energy market will protect and defend American sovereignty and not surrender it. Our decisions will be guided by our Flag and not kneel to anyone.”

America is exceptional. This administration, the President believes in American energy dominance and energy dominance is different than energy independence. Our goal is an America that is the strongest energy superpower this world has ever known.

A new era is dawning with American leadership innovation and good ideas. Our challenge will be to pass energy dominance on to our children and grandchildren. Under President Trump we’ll put America first and we’ll put America’s energy first.

Watch the Major Policy Address:

President Trump is fulfilling another campaign promise

Becoming energy independent would truly be an unbelievable accomplishment for President Trump.

It’s a complete reversal from where we were headed. Under the Obama administration we were too reliant on other Countries, which gave them power over us.

President Trump’s leadership will secure America’s future for generations to come.

America First!

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