America Cheers as President Trump Erases Obama’s Legacy


Donald Trump’s Presidency is a ‘sigh of relief’ for many.

Trump continues to fulfill his campaign promises to Make America Great Again.
President Trump is erasing all of the failed policies President Obama imposed on America.

Americans were tired of seeing their Country being portrayed as the ‘bad guy’ and policies being enacted to degrade our society.

President Obama went on many apology tours, speaking out against the United States and chastising America. He attempted to dismantle our Military, staged a takeover of our Healthcare, his administration considered Christianity a supremacist hate group, encouraged illegal aliens to vote, promoted unlawful immigration while leaving our borders wide open.

Since being elected, President Trump has reestablished American Strength across the globe and laid out new guidelines to which America will operate. Trump will not let America be taken advantage of and America loves him for it. He has strengthened our Military, undermined the Establishment’s effort to keep Obama’s healthcare overreach, laid out new guidelines on religious freedom/religious liberty, established a voter fraud investigation panel, deporting a record amount if criminal aliens and has begun construction of proto-type versions of “The Wall”.

Just to name a few…

Being Anti-America and Anti-Christian will be the nail in the coffin for the Democrat party.

The Democrats not only have a fundraising crisis, they have a Leadership crisis.

Since there isn’t a prominent voice for the Democrat party, the “Main Stream Media” has filled the void and they are leading the Democrats down a dark path.

It’s going to take a revolt from within to denounce the Democrat Leaders for failing to provide a proper vision for America.

That’s why they continue to lose elections from the Presidency all the way down to the Governors and Mayors.

The “Leaders” of the Democrat party have been leading their flock down a dark path for a long time. But since the election of President Trump their rhetoric has been ratcheted up a few notches and they are losing support. Politico recently wrote an article about “The Democratic Party‚Äôs Looming Fundraising Crisis”.

The Democrat party is in shambles.

You can call it 4-D chess or whatever you want to call it but President Trump has outplayed them at every turn.

Nobody knows who the leader of the Democrat party is.

Nobody can tell you what the Democrat’s message or vision for America is.

Hillary Clinton is even still going around giving interviews as if she’s still running for President. It’s sad…


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  1. No America doesn’t cheer in Fact even on Fox News Poll Trump only has 38% Approval a rate Obama never fell to. Stop Lying

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